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4 Guys You Should Avoid When Dating

Every woman that is experienced can tell you that not all guys are dating material. But it is the case that there are some guys that are not up to your standards. There are guys out there that just are not up to par when it comes to the dating scene.

Here are 4 guys that you should try to avoid when you are dating.

* A Momma’s Boy - A momma’s boy is one that probably still lives with his mom. Even if he does not he still lives close so he can visit her often. His mother may have designed his bathroom and bedroom, as well as his whole house for that matter. She still cooks for him because she wants to make sure he still eats right. You should stay away from dating mamma’s boys because you may never live up to the standard that his mother set for the woman in his son’s life. Over the course of the relationship you will always be compared to his mom, which is not a good or healthy scenario.

* A Muscle Bound Man - This type of guy may have a lot of mirrors in his home or many pictures of himself. He will, probably, be a member of a gym but also may lift weights at home. You should not date a muscle bound guy because you may be fighting with the gym for his love. You may also be just a trophy instead of a real love.

* A Womanizer - A womanizer may look good on the surface but he also may lack real substance. He may treat you great at first and will dress great trying to look good. The problem with these things is that he looks to impress women and has probably done so before you came around. Stay away from dating a womanizer because he will catch the eye of other women but what is even more important is that he may have a wondering eye. He may be full of himself and can feel like you are the luckiest woman in the world because you are with him. This can lead him to take you for granted.

* A Workaholic - You can notice a workaholic by his work ethic. He looks like he has a solid future but it can be the case that you are not a part of that future. He dresses for success and has great taste in many things but work will always be his first love. You should try to avoid a workaholic because it will be hard to spend time with him. He may also talk about or be thinking about work when you are trying to spend some quality time with him.

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