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A Few Tips for Attractive Male Body Language

There are many men that have bad body language, which is not attractive to women. But by learning a few tips you can make a good impression that will make you stand out. Men can become more attractive by doing many things but having good body language is an important factor that can help you be more attractive and make a better first impression.

Here are a few tips you can learn to have better body language.

* Be natural when you are standing still. Have your feet a little wider apart when you stand, as it will keep you from shifting your weight. You will be more sable and be more natural not swaying from one side to the other.

* Do not fuss or fidget by touching your face. If you twitch and fidget you can look nervous which can look unattractive to women. You can see this by looking at other people that may seem nervous. How confident do they look? If you are having a hard time stopping your twitching and fidgeting you can keep your hands by your side keeping your thumbs between your index and middle fingers on each hand. This can help control your fingers from constantly having to move or touch your face.

* Do not look downward. Keep your head upright and do not look down as it is seen as a sign of weakness. Looking weak is very unattractive and women will be turned off by it.

* Have smooth and fluid head movements. Slow head movements, not jerking and sudden movements, is done by many film actors and leading men in business as it exerts a look of confidence. This has to do with being smooth and not looking fidgety or nervous.

* Walk slowly and smooth. By walking slowly and smoothly you will come across as a more confident man. When you are out you can slow it down a tad, which can make you stand out to all the other people that are rushing around you.

* Do not hold your drink in front of your chest. Hold a drink down by your side but not in front of your chest as it can look like a stand off defensive position. You want to be approachable and you do not want anything standing in the way of women approaching you.

These are just a fee tips that you can follow to make a better first impression and look more confident. It can take some time to stop some bad habits you have but if you do it can make you look more attractive and confident to women.

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