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Advantages and Disadvantages of First Date Sex

Nowadays there is a lot of emphasis that is put on having sex on a first date. People are always debating about this. Is it appropriate to have sex on a first date? Should a woman be having sex with a guy she just recently met? Basically it is a question that has to be answered on a case-to-case basis. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to having sex on a first date. These things can help you make a more responsible and informed decision if the situation of first date sex comes up.


There are many advantages for first date sex for women. One of the more important reasons that women have sex on a first date is so they can check to see how the guy is in the sack. Women do not want to date a guy who is no good in bed. If the woman waited to have sex then they would not be able to judge the ability of a guy to perform in bed until later on in the relationship. If she waited until the relationship progresses then it may be harder to end it.

Another reason that women choose to have sex on a first date is they may feel like the guy can be that special guy. It can be hard to come to this conclusion after only a single date but there are some women who feel like they have, in fact, found that special one. If this is the case why hold back from having sex on the first date? After all he may be the guy of your dreams.

Even though it may be the case that it is not a good reason, there are women who choose to have sex on the first date because it is fun. It is a fact of life that having sex is fun, so why should you avoid doing it? If you like to have sex and have no problems with it then there is no way you should deny yourself this pleasure of life.


Obviously there are some disadvantages with having sex on the first date. One of them is the fear that the guy will think you are a woman that is easy. There are some men that may lose respect for women who simply throw caution to the wind and sleep with them on the first date. Men like these may think that she has done this on other first dates in the past.

Many women are also concerned about the next morning after first date sex. A lot of people do not look nearly as good in morning as they did the night before. If you are really interested in a new guy and worried about how you look you may not want him to be looking at you in the morning in the beginning of the relationship.

Another reason that a woman would not have sex on the first date is because they may feel that the guy is worth it. Basically, a relationship will come to the point of sex at some time. If the guy is worth the wait then you may not want to lay everything out on the table right off the bat on the first date. You should try to get to know him better and then you take the relationship to the next level, in the physical sense, which may lead to a better foundation for a solid relationship.

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