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Age Does Matter

When it comes to dating and marrying, age does matter. I have asked around about this and have found out that majority of the women want to marry men older than they are. And their reasons are sound and true, for the most part. Some reasons are discussed below.

Older men have the staying power that is needed to commit themselves to their relationships. Many women have been burned after being involved with younger men or men of their own age group who abandoned them in the end, leaving them broken hearted.

The belief that older men have sown their share of wild oats is another point in their favor. Younger women also believe that older men know how to treat a lady properly. Younger men are considered immature when it comes to accepting responsibility. Since they are still young, they tend to have roving eyes and wandering hands.

Younger women believe that older men are financially stable and know how to handle money wisely. They are also considered to be more successful than younger men because they have had ample time to learn how to successfully manage businesses. They are also thought to have more troubleshooting skills and more patience in handling relationships.

These are just some reasons why women, mostly Asians, want older men to be their lifelong partners, and these have been some of their motivation when they sign up with and join Asian online dating services. Asian women apparently value stability and patience above all else.

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