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Bar Hopping for Guys that are Off the Market

Bar hopping can be an art form for many guys that are single. Many guys like these have spent a significant amount of time, as well as money, at bars trying to pick up on the fairer sex. This generally begins when the guy is in college and continues until they are an adult. But sometimes along the way a guy can get a girlfriend or wife and it would seem like the party has to stop. But is this always the case? Certain aspects of bar hopping have to stop, like the picking up on women part, but men can still have a great time bar hopping even if they are in a serious relationship.

The time hanging out at bars decreases significantly when they are in a relationship. In the past it used to be a nightly occurrence and now might turn into one that only happens once a week or a couple of times a month. Men that are in a relationship cannot spend both the time and money at a bar like they did when they were younger. Even though it would not seem like a big deal your significant other wants to spend time with you, when you may want to head to a bar with your buddies. But you have to find a happy medium on the time spent doing both things. This is something that is different for every relationship. However the time spent at the bar will not be the same amount, as when you were single and young.

When you are out on the town at bars you have to turn away women who may be interested in you. It is a fact that a lot of women like men who are attached. You will have to deal with this. You have to deal with this by steering clear of bad situations. Well then what kind of situations should you stay away from? Try to stay away from being by yourself in the company of good-looking women who may be looking for more than just a drink. It's ok to buy a drink for a woman sometimes but it should not become a habit. This is especially the case if your partner finds out, as she will not be pleased.

One tricky situation is if you are at the bars and you run into an ex. Seeing them in a bar is different than seeing them in other places. If your ex is a bit tipsy and emotional you may have to answer questions about your current relationship and how things are going, and they may even want to know why you two did not work out. You have to be honest in these situations. If your ex girlfriend discovers that you are doing well in your current relationship she will probably end the conversation.

You have to keep your guard up if you are going to be bar hopping quite frequently. Even though it may be the case that you think your actions are not wrong, you have to remember that a lot of people will see you and your actions may get back to your partner. If this happens, you can probably expect a little trouble and she will not be thrilled any time you want to head out tot the bars. Be smart and act accordingly and by doing so your partner will have nothing to worry about when you go bar hopping and she will not mind if you do it.

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