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When Your Relationship Ends

Once you break up with your boyfriend there are now things you can do that you did not do before when you were in a relationship. Even though it may be the case that you are sad the relationship ended there can still be reasons to celebrate.

It’s Time To Hang Out With the Girls Again

When you with a guy it takes time away from your girlfriends. Even though you think that you are including them they may think otherwise. When your guy is out of the picture you do have something to celebrate. You can start to spend some time with your girlfriends again and not just sporadically, but quality time. Even though your girlfriends may feel a little jilted they know what you are going through and want to be there for you.

Get Back to Flirting

When you have a boyfriend on your arm you probably missed all the guys that were checking you out. Now that you do not have that boyfriend anymore you can notice those glances and compliments and there is nothing wrong with checking out some guys yourself. It will take time after a breakup to get back in the flirting game again, but you never forget how to do it and it will quickly come back to you.

Rent Some Romantic “Chick Flicks”

When breaking up with a guy it gives you a good excuse to kick your shoes off and relax and watch some romantic movies that you never would have with him in the picture. Get some wine or some ice cream, or both, and relax watching a good movie. You are alone now and can watch whatever you want to watch without him rolling his eyes with every movie you choose. Take some time out and find yourself now that you are single again and remember those little things you liked to do before he was in the picture.

Take Some Time to Reflect

When you are going out with a guy your time is filled with thinking about what to do with them. You are always planning dates to go on and what to do at night. In a way the guy has taken a lot of your thinking time away from you. Even though it may be the case that you are sad because of the breakup you can appreciate thinking about you and only you. You now have total control of your thoughts and think about what you want to do instead of thinking of what the two of you should do.

Do Things for Yourself

Look at the glass like it is half full; you now have the time to do things for yourself. You can do whatever you want, go where you want, and watch the moves or go to the clubs you want to. These are positive aspects of a relationship ending. Choose one thing you always wanted to do, but did not because you were in a relationship, and go out and do it! By doing things you want to do but did not before you will feel a sense of freedom that you did not when you were in a relationship.

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