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Dating for Catholic Singles

It can be challenging to find dates when you're steeped in the Catholic faith. Dating carries with it certain expectations like physical intimacy which devout Catholic singles find impossible to comply with. Catholics are governed by strictures of religion that expressly forbids sex between two people who are not married.

Catholic singles do not want to miss out on all the fun of dating just because they can't have sex with their dates. But this is just what they have to live with if they want to follow their faith. Dating and Catholicism just don't make for the best combination.

But dating and Catholicism can mix if you carefully choose your dating partners. The best option for you would be to choose dating partners who share your faith and spiritual values. Who else can understand your dating limitations than a Catholic date?

However, another problem is the limited choice that you have in your church. Make sure to visit other Catholic parishes so you can meet new dating prospects. Be active in your church mixers and socials as well. And to give you more variety in dating partners, you can join a Catholic singles online dating community.

Joining a Catholic online dating site would give you a wider network of Christian singles. From the huge number of members in these sites, you'll surely find a lot of people to your liking. And since they are all Catholics, you can expect your faith to be honored, not sacrificed, when you date.

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