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Dating Older Women

There are advantages to dating older women that can't be had in dating their younger counterparts. Older women are usually more mature, in control and independent. They are less likely to sulk and pout, they're probably good conversationalists, and they're usually decisive. But the best thing about them is they're not in the market for long-term serious commitments. They've probably had their share of that.

So how do you go about attracting these older women's attention? First, go where older women can be found. Visit exclusive clubs and bars and dine in posh restaurants since these are their usual hang-outs. To make your task easier, why not go to the internet and find online dating sites that specifically cater to older women? At least in the internet dating site, you are sure that the older women you find are willing to date.

Finding older women is only half of the challenge, though. You still have to catch and keep their interest. After initiating contact with an older woman, do not be too forward but do not be too timid either. Initiate small talk; ask her about her day, about her work and other general things. Keep the conversation focused on her. Shower her with compliments. Of course, the compliments should be sincerely meant or you risk not getting a second date.

As a final note, however curious you are about it, never ask about her age. That's a certain death blow to what could have been a wonderful dating relationship.

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