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Dating Tips for Men

The first impression you make is important so you want to make a good one. That being said it is important to be prepared when you go on a date with a woman. Here are a few tips that can increase your chance of making a great first impression.

* Be on Time - When you go on a date make sure you arrive on time. If you are late you have already made a negative impression and the date has even started yet. She may think you do not care enough to show up on time. If you are picking her up for a date be a little early to be on the safe side.

* Give her a small gift - If you give a woman a gift it will make her feel special and show her you thought about her when you were not together. By talking to her you should know a little about her so you can find a small gift that might be special for her. Make sure not to go overboard and buy an extravagant gift, especially if you are starting to date, as it can look inappropriate and may make her feel uncomfortable.

* Act like a Gentleman - make a good impression on your date by acting like a gentleman. You can hold the door open for her, let her walk through a door first, and pull out the chair for her at dinner. These are just a few things you can do to act like a gentleman and show her you are a thoughtful person who respects her.

* Give her Compliments - You should compliment a woman on a date, as it will make her feel special. Make sure your compliments are legitimate and not overboard, as you can look insincere when making too many compliments. Women love to be complimented, especially about their looks, so telling a woman she looks great will make her feel attractive. Do not lie though as if you compliment her it will look like you are interested and if you are not you can still be complimentary, but, again, do not go overboard or send her the wrong signals.

* Be a Listener - The stereotype is true that many men are not good listeners. If you listen to them and do not dominate the conversation you will look thoughtful and you will also learn more about her quicker. Ask her questions and be interested in what she has to say.

* Know what to say - When going on a date there is nothing as uncomfortable as silence having nothing to talk about. Think about what you can talk about and try not to run out of topics or questions you can ask her to facilitate the conversation. But even if you do run out of things to talk about never bring up past girlfriends or other woman, as this can be a date killer.

* Fit the Bill - You should always at least offer to pay for the date. If a woman feels more comfortable going “Dutch” than do so but it never hurts to offer to pay for the date.

* Goodnight kiss - This is a tricky thing because you have to read the woman’s body language and interpret the chemistry you have had on the date before going in for a smooch. If it feels right than you can go for it but if you are not sure do not, as it may be inappropriate.

* Don’t lie about calling her - Do not say you will call her if you have no intention of doing so. If you don’t want to keep seeing her you can say something like, “it was very nice to meet you.” But don’t say you will call her and then don’t. If you do like her don’t wait forever to call her. Let her know you are interested in her by calling her if you are interested. The longer you wait to call the less she will think you like her.

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