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Getting a Man to the Altar

You've often heard men say that they're not in any real hurry to get married. But just look around you and you will see a lot of married men that you would have loved to marry yourself. Men are therefore not truly against marriage. Just as you are waiting for Mr. Right, they're waiting for Ms. Right.

A man who claims not to want any commitments may just be suffering from a broken heart. Do not attempt to get these guys on the rebound. Let them heal. They will be eligible to marry sooner or later.

Likewise, a man who professes he would not like to get married can just be dragging his feet. It is more than likely that he is enjoying the variety and liberty that the single state gives him. If you get such a man's interest, then you can marry this guy and he will not protest overmuch.

But what does it take to get a man interested enough for marriage? Be Ms. Right of course. The right woman does not have hysterics (truly, men hate that). She is also a great conversationalist. She should be fun to be with but she should not always be underfoot or always be available. She should know how to listen and she must not nag. Of course, men like females whom they're compatible in bed with. However, sleeping with a man is no guarantee that he'll marry you. Some people even say it's guaranteed to do just the opposite.

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