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Great Date Ideas for Intellectuals

If you are a person that thinks you are more intelligent than others, then you may not want to go on just regular dates. Intelligent, intellectual people demand different dating options. They want to do something on a date where they will stand out. So, what are some good date ideas for the intellectual type? How can you make it so they will have a good time and at the same time keeping your personality in tact. Here are a few dating ideas for people that are intellectual.

If you are looking to impress your girl and have a good time, while not spending a lot of money, than a poetry reading is a great date idea. This can be fun and be a light date that will not cost a lot of money. Basically, it is a good date idea if you are just starting to go out. If poetry is not your cup of tea than a book reading many be a good date idea. You can try to time this date idea with a favorite author of yours or your date that is coming to your area and you may be able to get a book signed. This is a cheap date idea and it is a chance for you to learn new things. You can have a cup of coffee or tea afterwards and discuss the poetry or the book reading.

Many intellectual people will take others like them out on dates. Intellectual people are serious and look for other serious types as well. There are many intellectuals that are involved in causes, which they feel strongly about and support. If you are dating someone who shares the same interests as you then volunteering together may be a good idea. If you find a cause or event where both of you share the same passion for you can be doing something good and it will allow you to sped time with your date. By volunteering you can even get into events that you may not be able to attend because they are too expensive. This is a great cost effective solution for a great date idea, where you will take part in a great event and not break the bank.

Many intellectual people like to take part in the finer things that life has to offer. If there is a winery or brewery near where you live you can visit there and take a tour. You can see if they have guided tours and if they do arrange for you and your date to go on one. If they do not have them you can see if you can make special arrangements for them to take you and your date on a private one. By going on a wine or brewery tour you can taste some great wine or beer and not spend a lot of money. Many times breweries have restaurants that have great and inexpensive food.

Intelligent people should try to discover intelligent things they can do on a date. If you are smart you can come up with great date ideas that will stimulate you and your date's intellect. By taking part in some of the dating ideas above you can have a great time and not spend a lot of money doing it.

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