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Guidelines For After Divorce Dating

A failed marriage can make a woman swear off dating, and this is a very unhealthy decision. To withdraw from the dating scene because you are afraid of more heartbreak is cheating yourself out of the chance to find true happiness in another relationship. How would you be able to meet the man of your future if you don't go out and date?

It's very understandable to feel down after a divorce, but a whole lifetime is a very long time to mourn. What you can do is grieve for yourself, but only for a while. After your set period of time for wallowing has passed, begin preparing to rejoin the after divorce dating scene.

The best way to speed up your recovery is by redefining yourself. Find a new scent to like, see movies that you wouldn't have watched, eat at restaurants you've never been at, and shop for clothes you wouldn't have bought otherwise. The whole point of this exercise is to find a new identity that would be radically different from what you were like when you were Mrs. Something or Another. However, never overdo the changes. It should be understood that the new identity you are building for yourself must be something you can honestly live with.

Do remember to strive for a happy and positive outlook. Always smile and if it is too soon, try. There is a psychological theory that says smiling makes you happier even if you weren't so happy to start with.

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