Relationship and Dating Advice for Finding Love Online

Hey Guys, Honesty is the Best Policy

When you join an online dating service you are probably looking for a woman that you will really click with. The girls are also looking for that as well and maybe even someone to fall in love with. But what you definitely are not looking for is a woman would like a friend or someone else who you think is the perfect man.

You are not looking for a woman who will fall for you online when they are not really falling for you but whom you think they want. Because of this to find the right woman for you, and trust me there is one out there perfect for you, you will have to be totally honest with and about yourself when you come up with your online profile for an Internet dating service. This is both during the process of online dating communication and after.

The very best way to start to write your online dating profile is to look in your past relationships. You can look to see what went right and what went wrong. What about the woman made her attractive to you? What about her turned you off to her? These are all things you should look at. You should not make the assumption that because you did not like the last woman you dated, because she was so into herself that she was not able to see anything else, that you will be able to look past that quality this time around. This is not the case.

If you are not over 6 feet tall with huge biceps do not claim that you are or have these physical attributes. If you are an electrician do not lie and say you are a doctor making a lot of money. If you are around 50 do not claim to be around 30 to get a younger woman. You should never lie about physical attributes, age, or your profession, or really about anything.

You should be aware that the idea is to find a woman who will be much like you are. If you have posted lies on your online dating profile the first time you meet the woman face-to-face it will immediately tell her you are not honest. That is defiantly not the way to begin a relationship.

Also once you have found a woman that you think may be a good match for you should cease your membership with that online dating service. This is because you know, as well as the woman you found, that the online dating services are for people who are looking for a match, not for those who have found one. If you find someone and you keep receiving prospective dates you may be tempted to keep dating trying to find someone better. Do not do this but if you found someone you are interested in give the relationship a chance. Because you never know, she could be the one. If she is not, join the online dating service again and see what happens.

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