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How and When to Say I Love You

A very important aspect in any relationship is the time when one person tells their partner "I love you." These three little words can seem simple but for many people they are hard words to say. Love is an emotion that is not easy to express for a lot of people. People do not just say it for the sake of simply saying it. If you are going to say these words to your partner then you should have a game plan. If you just do it blindly it may cause some hardship on your part.

Basically when you tell someone that you love you it does not amount to much. You need to show your partner that you love them, which is the most important aspect. However you do have to say the three words though. If you are going to go ahead and tell your partner that you do love them it should come naturally and straight from your heart. Saying I love you should not be forced.

Plan out The Day when You Plan to Say It

When do you want to say I love you? You can plan out when you exactly want to say it, as some people say the words around a special occasion that they have planned. This can be at a special time or at a special place. While others like to say the words when they are relaxed and ready to express their feelings no matter where they are. It does not matter where you say it, as long as you really mean it and you have a plan on when to do it.

Make Sure You are Prepared to Say It

It is a special time for both people in the relationship when you first say I love you. You may want to make a little more special by adding some things to the words. You can be romantic with these three words. You may want to give her some beautiful flowers or have a romantic dinner with a nice bottle of veno. These types of things can mean a lot to her and it will make it a day she will never forget.

Do Not be Scared to Open Up

You should not be scared to let your partner know how you really feel. You should be able to show your feelings in an articulate way in order for you to improve the relationship you are in. How does being with your partner make you feel inside? What about he time you have spent with your partner has been the best time? Questions like these are ones you have to answer to make the relationship grow stronger.

Maybe you already know what to expect when you say I love you and that is ok. You will never be totally sure how your partner when you react when you tell them. If you have said it at the right time they may say it back to you. Do not be shocked if they are taken back a bit. When you tell someone I love you there is some pressure that is placed on the other person to say it back. You will not make your partner feel a certain way and if they do not have the response you expected, you will have to deal with that situation if it comes up. Saying three simple words of "I love you" is a vital step in a relationship. This is the case in I love you more than any other three words, as they are vital to the development of any relationship.

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