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How to Approach the Perfect Woman

What word comes to mind when you're asked to describe a woman who is gorgeous of face and body, has a sense of humor, is very intelligent, and is a good conversationalist? I you'd think perfection. Now what comes to mind when you're asked to imagine yourself dating such a woman? I bet it's "In my dreams, man!"

A woman with all the above mentioned attributes is any man's idea of a perfect mate. But when it comes to approaching such a woman and asking for a date, most men turn tail and run. An ordinary man cannot imagine such a woman dating him, much less marrying him.

But "perfect" women are not as hard to get near to and approach as you might think. You may just have to make a few changes.

First, take stock of your physical attributes and improve them. You can try going to the gym more often. Ditch those glasses for a pair of contacts. Shave that scraggly looking beard. You can also try asking for advice from an image consultant.

You also need to have more substance. Read on a variety of topics to keep the conversation flowing. Be sensitive and considerate but never effeminate. Be humorous but not clownish.

By improving your appearance, you'll be more confident in approaching the perfect woman for a date. And by improving your personality, you can keep her interest and get more dates. The bottom line? To get the extraordinary woman, you have to become extraordinary yourself.

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