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How to Avoid Married Men When Dating Online

Most single women know that married men are hands off in terms of dating. No woman wants to be one that wrecks a home. But unfortunately, when you are online, it can be hard to pick the married men from the single ones. There are unfaithful men that like to act as if they are single. But there are some tips to follow in how to spot a married guy and how to stay away from them.

He does not want to post his picture online

Many times men that are married are wary when posting their pictures online. That is evidence of cheating and they do not to post that evidence online. You can spot these types of men because they would rather send you a picture in an e-mail instead of positing one on the Internet. If you come to the realization that he is wary of posting his picture, then you may want to think about breaking off the communication.

He always wants to be the one to contact you

You may discover how simple it is, for both men and women, to make the first contact in terms of online dating. A man that is married will want to make the first contact. They want be in control so they can keep being dishonest without you trying to get in touch with them at his home.

He may not have pattern responses for your messages

Men that are married have to have balance in their double lives. They may not always be available to talk online like you can. Sometimes they will respond in a quick manner to the messages that you send and other times it will take him quite some time to respond. If there are some responses that are strange then you can surmise that he has to keep his activities hidden from his family. To figure this out you will have to use good judgment. There are some men that are simply very busy and do not have the time to respond to you. You have to be smart in figuring this out.

He will not give you his phone number

You will probably notice that a man that is married does not want to give you his home phone number. They would rather get your phone number and contact you. This is the biggest warning sign that you probably want to keep in mind. Ultimately this will let you know that the guy is married or single.

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