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How to Flirt With a Woman Online

A lot of the aspects of flirting online that are successful are the same things that work with regular flirting; it is just over the Internet. Many successful relationships first start with some innocent flirting.

Flirting is something that requires some confidence without looking arrogant or cheesy. If you do go to far with your flirting you may be labeled "cheesy" or "slimy" and the conversation will, more than likely, end. If you are not assertive enough though you can seem timid and a bit of a wimp. You have to find the balance so that you will seem interested but not going over the top. So with all that being said how do you go about doing this when you are not using eye contact or your body language. There are ways to flirt successfully online and it can lead to a great date and maybe even more.

So guys, here are a few tips for your online flirting.

* Have fun with it. Be spirited, funny, and entertaining. You should make her want to talk to you again. Be playful as that is what flirting is, being playful with another person you are interested in.

* Be confident. People that are good at flirting have a positive outlook. You need to give her the “feel good” vibe. Being optimistic and confident will be attractive to women.

* Be complimentary. You should do this often, but when you do compliment her be sincere. Try to make the woman feel good about herself. She will want to continue talking to you and may even want to meet you if you are sincerely complimentary. But if you are not sincere about it she will, more than likely, know and will not want to continue to talk with you. You should also make sure not to be self-depreciating.

* Listen to what she has to say. The stereotype is true that many men are just not good listeners. But if you listen she will be more receptive to what you have to say when you speak. Pay attention to her. Do not just listen but be interested in what she has to say by asking her questions.

* Don't be rude or vulgar. Being sexually explicit when you are chatting online is not flirting but plain sexual talk. Be respectful and work up to sexual talk but do not introduce it thinking you are flirting. If women are rejecting you a lot if you are talking sexually too quickly you may want to change the way you talk to woman. Take the hint and learn from it.

* After you are done chatting send her a short e-mail. This is much like a thank you card when receiving a gift. Let her know you had a good time talking with her.

* Don't go from 0-60 in one chat. When flirting go easy and work into it, as flirting is the first step to having a good relationship. Going too fast will probably turn her off quicker than turning her on.

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