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How to Talk to a Woman when You're Not Sure What to Say

It is never easy talking to a woman, especially if you are not sure want you are going to say. But there are some ways you can seem more confident when you talk to women.

Here are a few ways you can approach a woman and look more confident and convincing even if you are not sure what you will say.

* When you see someone you are attracted to walk right over to her. Be confident when you walk up to a woman you are attracted to. Have good posture and keep eye contact with the woman as you walk up to her. Do not hesitate when you walk up to a woman, as it will make you look less confident and sure of yourself. Women will take notice when you are checking them out and if you do not act on your impulse you may be going home alone and you will never know if she could be someone special.

* Don’t be part of a drunken pack of guys. Women are not turned on by a man who is part of a drunken pack of guys who are belching and checking out women. If you go and try to talk with a woman and your friends are just watching to see what happens, chances are, she will not be receptive to you. Break away and do not make it a spectacle that you are going over there to talk to her.

* Wear clothes that will make you look confident about yourself. Wearing ratty clothes will only make you look slovenly, which is not an attractive trait for women. Looking like a slob, even if you have good body language, will only make it less likely that the woman will want to speak with you.

* Don’t be timid and boring when you talk to a woman. Many men take the safe route and are agreeable and never confrontational no matter what the woman says. Do not be boring and agree with everything. If you do not agree with something she says tell her so. This will make you stand out and show her you are not just trying to get her to go out with you by agreeing with everything she has to say. Show your opinions do not be timid and do not look like a pushover, which is not an attractive trait.

* Be a good listener but interject your thoughts as well. You have to be a good listener, as women find that an attractive trait, but also let her know you have thoughts and opinions as well. Challenge her with questions and make sure to listen what she has to say. Do not just nod and think of ways to get her in the sack, as they will sense this and it will backfire. Be a good listener but it should not be a one-way conversation.

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