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Inexpensive Date Ideas for the Lover of Culture and Art

Dating does not have to be an expensive thing. Even though it is the case that a lot of people believe dating is supposed to impress someone, you do not need to spend tons of money in order to really get to know a person. A group of people this better than anyone are people that are artistic. People that are art lovers know that you can have a great time without having to spend tons of money. When meeting a new person one of the better date ideas can be one that is simple.

If you live in a city that is large or even medium sized there is probably a college in your area. Many people are aware that colleges have some focus on art and creativity. Because of this you will discover that many colleges have, at least, one art show each year. Many of these shows are free or inexpensive to attend. At shows, such as these, you can cruise around and check out some great art from some new and emerging artists. Find out when the college or colleges that are near you are having art shows and plan on taking a date.

Many towns, both big and small alike, will have a cultural and historical center. Many times you can take a stroll through these areas and look at old homes and architecture. Contact your local chamber of commerce and see if they have a walking map. This will allow you to know where the old homes, museums, and architectural highlights are located. By taking a walk like this you and your date can take a nice walk and see some great and interesting sights.

For another inexpensive date idea you can go to a coffee house or comedy club when they are having an amateur night. This is a date idea and it does not matter if it is your first date or if you have been together for many years. At amateur nights you can see regular people trying out such things as poetry, music, or comedy. If you have the nerve you can even try your hand at one of these things. Get up on the stage and sing a song you love or write a romantic poem for your date. This is something that your date will enjoy and remember for a long time. Even if the poem, song, or act is bad your date will still remember it and they will respect you because you gave it a shot.

To have a great time on a date you do not have to break the bank. Many times the best dates are ones that you have thought about, however they do not have to cost a lot of money to do. This can show your date that you are a creative and artsy person and are not set in your ways. Dinner and a movie may be an old-fashioned date idea but it really is not what a date is all about, which is really getting to know the other person.

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