Relationship and Dating Advice for Finding Love Online

It’s a New Era in Dating

… Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no! It is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken…

- William Shakespeare, Sonnet 116

Congratulations! You have wooed the tougher race person on earth and won a female companion for yourself. There are few nicer feelings than knowing there is a special somebody who cares for you.

But your job is not finished. In fact it's only just begun. Now comes the matter of maintaining the relationship.

How you do that varies greatly from girl to girl. It is dependent on her personality, which you should know quite well by now. Keep doing all the nice things you've been doing up to this point, always ensuring that you do not neglect your girlfriend and keep her abreast of developments in your life. This can be tricky given the online nature of your new relationship, but it is doable.

Keep doing things together. The Internet is full of activities that cyber couples can engage in to keep their relationship from going stale. The key, again, is diversity: you need to keep the relationship from becoming a one-trick pony, the same act over and over again. Constant predictability will almost certainly earn you a one-way trip to single life again. Look for new things you can do as often as you can, and talk as much as possible. Try and talk to her at least once a day when possible.

Ignore the temptation to lie. It's very, very easy for one half of the couple to deceive the other and get away with it in an online relationship, and sometimes convenient. But don't do it. Keep honest, let her know what you're doing and what you're thinking, and your relationship will thrive. A lie, on the other hand - if discovered, anyway - will only let her know that she can't trust you, and instantly cast a shadow on any offline activities you engage in thenceforth.

Cyber relationships can be nice, but they don't last forever. Lasting affection can only come from prolonged, close contact.

In other words, if you really want to keep your girlfriend, you're eventually going to have to meet her in real life.

And that can be tricky for some couples, given the great distances that may separate them. The Internet connects gulfs so easily that it's easy to forget how far apart two people are. Eventually, although, bodies will have to bridge that gulf and connect in real time.

This can be a risky business. There's a lot of hesitation to meet the unmet, especially when it's a transition from offline to online. However, if you've followed the tips outlined above you should know your girlfriend inside and out by now. You should be able to trust that she'll be the same person you've come to know online, offline, and she should be able to trust the same. And that's another reason why it's best to remain truthful: if she meets you and find out you've falsely represented yourself, your chances at keeping your relationship together may plummet.

If you do manage to take that first step, however, meet whenever you get a chance. If you really care for the girl, don't let cost get in the way (though don't bankrupt yourself, either) and ship her to you, or yourself to her, as often as possible. If nothing else the time spent between meetings will only make those meetings seem all the more fulfilling.

Online relationships aren't easy. Separation can drive couples apart with relative ease. Eventually mere text messages won't seem like enough: you'll want to spend time as a real couple, walking together in parks, going on dates, seeing movies and doing the usual couple stuff. It can be tempting to drop the relationship and pursue somebody closer.

But endure. If you've found somebody you really feel a connection to, endure for her sake. The eventual love you'll feel for your girl will overcome other boundaries and bring you together with her no matter what.

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