Relationship and Dating Advice for Finding Love Online

Navigating the Immaterial Pathways of Love

Can you win a place in the heart of tougher race while dating online??

"Do you believe in computer dating?"
"Only if the computers really love each other."
- Groucho Marx

There is a universal instinct for human beings to seek out and pursue relationships with others. Be they of the same sex or the opposite, people want to be with people. And there are plenty of ways for these hook-ups to happen.

A variety of venues for seduction have popped up over the years. Bars, dance clubs, dating circles, even public parks and shopping malls have all been used in the pursuit of friendly company and romantic exchange. And with the advent of the Internet and long-distance chatting, a new form of pairing-up has emerged: Internet dating.

Originally scorned by most, Internet dating has quickly become the dating method of choice for millions of people across the world. Its humble roots began to spread in early bulletin boards and chat rooms: through text-based interaction users would grow interested in one another and, invariably, hook up over the internet, using those same boards and chat rooms to engage in romantic pursuits.

It wasn't easy at first. For couples living on opposite sides of the planet, venues for exchange were generally limited to chat rooms and messaging services the likes of MSN Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. As Internet dating grew in popularity, however, the options for these burgeoning couples expanded exponentially. Now there are hundreds of sites and online applications through which couples can meet, interact and grow closer:

Message Boards: Also known as forums or bulletin board services (BBS), message boards have been popular venues of communication since the public first got access to the Internet. A series of discussions visible to anybody, message boards usually feature private messaging functions that allow members to speak to each other privately and make arrangements for further talks via email or messengers. There are thousands of message boards online (given their simple-to-create nature there seems to be one for virtually every topic) and many of them are geared towards romance.

Messaging Services: Popular since the beginning of Internet dating, messaging services provide a one-on-one forum through which couples can maintain their privacy and get all mushy with each other. Most services also provide audio and visual hook-ups so couples can see as well as hear each other without having to constantly resort to text messages.

Dating Services: Immensely popular in recent years, Internet dating services grant relationship-specific avenues through which people may search out their perfect somebody. Users who sign up for these services typically provide their name, photograph, personal details and a description of what they're looking for, ranging from mere friendships to the most intimate of personal contacts. Some of the more notable online dating services include Lavalife,,, OkCupid and PlentyofFish.

Online Avatar Programs: A growing trend in fostering online relationships, avatar programs allow users to generate a virtual representation of themselves to interact with others in an artificial world. These avatars, usually customized to emulate the user's physical looks in a cartoony sort of way, can chat and mingle in a variety of settings ranging from digital parks to night clubs and bars. Although there are numerous programs dedicated solely to social interactions, many games featuring online communities and text capabilities - the most prominent of which is probably World of Warcraft - also afford would-be couples the chance to meet up and engage in a number of activities together. Many of the purely avatar-based programs can be found for free online, although some of the more prestigious ones (along with almost all the games, or at least the good ones) cost money.

Clearly, there are plenty of ways of not only meeting people online but maintaining a relationship with them. The much-bereaved problem of proximity, one of the biggest hurdles in the past, isn't as much of an issue these days as couples have plenty of novel ways to engage with one another to help keep the relationship fresh.

But, how to enter into a relationship?

Ah, that's the rub, the age-old question that's plagued many a man over the years. Despite changes in technology the issue of finding a mate remains the same and continues to elude many men. And although the Internet has provided countless new ways to woo a woman still the problem of successfully making a girlfriend out of a female remains.

This guide, then, will help lonely, perhaps shy males who want to find a girlfriend online overcome that most intimidating of hurdles and find the woman of their dreams in cyberspace.

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