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On Men, Women and Dating

Men and women have a lot of differences with each other than they do similarities. This is so, because not only are their physical differences very obvious to the world, they also have different ways of thinking and viewing the world. Men tend to be logical, but can become stubborn at times, and women can be understanding, but can also become emotional at times. It is a common theory that men rule the head, and women rule the heart. Although society nowadays is producing men and women of equal standing, these differences still surface from time to time.

This probably is the reason why dating is sometimes hard to deal with for the two most powerful beings in the world. To counter the difficulties, one has only to remember to be true to oneself when dating. You have to make sure that you present your date with your true self, so that you'd know that he or she really is interested in you, and not just on what you want him or her to see. Remember that the differences are there, and you cannot do anything to eliminate them. All you have to do is compromise with these differences, and you just might get along well.

Dating can be daunting at times. We all know that. But if both can keep up with each other and can appreciate all the differences and the similarities each of them have, dating then will prove to be fun and well worth the effort.

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