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Online Dating Chat Tips

There's less pressure in chatting up with a person in the many dating chat rooms than initiating conversation with someone you're actually face to face with. Nevertheless, it is not as easy to get into dating chat as people may suppose. There is still a chance that the person you try to chat with may ignore you. Rejection is still rejection, whether it happens across cyberspace or across a bar stool. Moreover, some people fear rejection whether they are in an online dating site or in a singles bar.

The rule of thumb in online chatting is to be cool and casual. To initiate conversation with a member of the numerous dating chat sites, you just need to come up with a chat line that entices the other person to respond.

Just like with actual real-time chatting, it is so not cool to begin with offensive and degrading statements that may very well insult your intended chat mate. Do not say things like "You know, this place is full of s***, why don't you and I meet somewhere else?" Also do not use lines that are so cheesy that you will earn only the scorn of the other person.

A simple "Hello, I am---who are you?" will suffice as an opening chat line. A more creative one would be "Do you know what country that was?" There are unlimited chat lines you can use and it is only bounded by your imagination and the common laws of human decency.

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