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Online Dating Safety Tips for Women - The First Date

It is exciting to meet for a date the first time, especially after many e-mails and talking in chatrooms. But even though you are excited you should still be safe when meeting a man for the first date. Here are some steps a woman should take when meeting a man for the first time.

* Arrange for somewhere to meet. You should never let the man pick you up because he will then know where you live. You should never let the man know where you live until you have met a few times and are comfortable giving him your home address.

Meet somewhere in public. You should meet the man for the first time in a place where there are other people around. This can ensure that you are safe when you first contact. If you get a bad feeling from the get go you can leave without any problem.

* Pay half the bill on the first date. It is a respectful thing when a man pays for the bill but there may be some men that think they expect something in return when they pay the bill. If you pay half the bill this will not be a problem.

Be careful of your alcohol intake. It is nice to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine with dinner or when you first meet but alcohol does impair your judgment. Alcohol can also lessen your inhibition. If you do drink on a first date make sure to do so in moderation so you do not do something or say something you will regret.

* Don’t make the assumption that the man is safe. Make sure you really get to know him before you open up and tell him personal information.

* Keep where you live a secret. Do not let it come out where you live during the first date. Again, make sure you are comfortable with the man before any personal information is revealed.

* Stay away from areas that are secluded. When you go on a first date make sure there are people around. Remember you really don’t know what type of guy he is and you do not want to be in a secluded area with a guy you do not know.

* Listen to you intuition. If there is a bad feeling or something feels a little off than there may be something wrong. If you have a bad feeling about the guy at the start of the date you should leave. Do not be sorry by thinking it is just a feeling, as you may regret it later.

* Tell someone where you will be going. Before you go on your first date tell someone, friend or family, where you will be going. You can even arrange a phone call so they can check in to see if you are ok.

* If you want to have him contact you again give him your cell phone number. It is safer to give out your cell phone number rather than your home number. Do not give out your phone number until you are completely comfortable with them.

* Keep on your toes. Even if you are having a great time stay alert for the entire date. It is also a good idea to keep your cell phone on you during your first date.

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