Relationship and Dating Advice for Finding Love Online

Talk to the Person Before You Meet for a Date

If you are excited about somebody that you have met through an online dating service you should talk with them on the phone before you go on a date. You may have chatted and exchanged e-mails but these are types of both non-personal communication and one-dimensional communication. Even though chatting and e-mails can be fun and a good way to start to get to know someone it is not a good gauge if you will click with the person you are interested in.

When you are e-mailing someone you are looking at what they have carefully thought about before typing. There is not time to think what your are saying when you are talking with someone live. You can get a better read about someone by talking with them live rather than with chatting with them online or exchanging e-mails. By talking with the person you will know them much better than with other forms on non-personal communication.

What You Should Look For When You Talk to Someone

Most people that you have chatted with or e-mailed from online dating sites are honest when they post their profiles. But you will not know how the person will communicate with you unless you talk to them on the phone. You have to know if the way they communicate is in tune with how you communicate. You will also learn other things by talking with the person on the phone such as how their voice sounds, if they are a fast or slow talker, do they listen or dominate the conversation, and if they use vulgarity when they talk. These are all things you cannot find out with chatting online and e-mails.

Protecting Yourself

Before you meet someone you are interested in on a date you should talk with them on the phone first. Spend at least 10 minutes talking with someone to get a better read on the person they are. You can block your phone number so they will not have any of your personal information. There are dating websites where you can talk securely and you can use a program like Skype to make sure you will be secure.

Talking to someone on the phone is also a safer way to get to know someone before you meet them. If, for any reason, you get a bad feeling about the person you are talking to you can simply hang up and end the communication. Conversely if you talk to the person and are still interested in meeting them in person you can set up a date to meet. In both situations you will have more information on the person, which is always better to have when meeting someone for the first time. So do not just set up a date from chatting online and e-mails as you should make sure to talk to that person first, as you will be glad you did.

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