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Online Dating Tips for Men - Make Her Feel Comfortable

Many people have been successful finding their match by using online dating services because they can work. Many women that use online dating services are hesitant to meet a man they have been exchanging e-mails with and chatting with. They can be hesitant because there are many negative things that can happen when, for the most part, meeting a stranger. There are good reasons why women feel this way, as there are some scary guys out there. Because of this it can be difficult for nice guys to get to know a woman online much less end up meeting and dating them.

If you are a nice guy and not some psycho or weirdo there are women that will love to meet you. Here are some things you should do to make a woman feel comfortable and more likely that you will get a first date.

* Be patient - You have to be patient when exchanging e-mails and chatting online. Do not try to pry personal information from her such as her real name, he address, or where she works or goes to school. Have light conversations and have fun with them until she feels comfortable enough to meet you. Do not rush the first face-to-face meeting, as she may think you are desperate or maybe even a pervert. Patience is a virtue and one that will be rewarding if you practice it.

* Be honest - Be totally honest about things such as your appearance and what you do for a living. A solid relationship never stars with lies. If you do lie and then eventually meet you will be caught in a lie. Because of this you can pretty much guarantee there will not be a second date.

* Post good photos - You should post pictures of yourself on online dating websites that show you who you really are. Post photos of you taking part of regular activities. You should also post photos that show your whole body and not just headshots. A picture can tell more than just how you look as it can give a glimpse to your personality and what type of person you are. A simple headshot will not do this.

* Public place meetings - If you have come to the point when chatting and e-mailing that the woman feels comfortable meeting you, you should suggest meeting in a public place. A public place is safer than meeting somewhere private. This will make her more comfortable and not be as nervous when she meets you, as she has an “out” if something goes wrong. You can even suggest somewhere in broad daylight or that she bring a friend along. If you have come to the point of a meeting she wants to meet you, so you should do everything you can to make her feel after doing so.

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