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Picking Up Women on the Dance Floor

Talking with woman can be easy at places like coffee shops, bars, and markets. But it's not as easy to talk to a woman, much less pick up on them, when she is dancing with a group of her girlfriends. What you have to do is stand out to other guys that are on the dance floor.

Many men make mistakes, and not speaking of their dance moves, on the dance floor and to make yourself stand out you have to avoid these errors that men make. One of the mistakes that men make is just standing still on the dance floor just checking women out not even dancing trying to get close to the women. Bad move, as you will just look like a deer in headlights. Another mistake men make is walking right up to the woman and grinding her ass on the dance floor. Maybe you will get a response but many times you will get a negative response and maybe even a slap. And if you do get a response it will be from a certain type of woman that you may not want to be with anyway.

So now that you know a couple of mistakes men make here are a few tips on how to pick up on a woman on the dance floor. First have fun dancing and enjoy the music. A woman will be more attracted to a guy having a good time than one who only has ulterior motives. Do not jump in and invade the space of a woman while she is dancing but you can try to copy her dance moves in a fun way, which can show her you are a fun guy. Try to get some eye contact with her and keep the gaze, which will show her you are interested in her. If you get a positive reaction you can then move in and try to dance with her. You can try to do a sort of dance off and you can copy each other's moves. This is fun to do and it is something that can be just with the two of you.

If a girl is at a bar or dance club and is standing alone to the side you can ask them to dance. Don't be afraid as the worst thing that could happen, if you are sincere and respectful, is that she will say no but will respect you for treating her the same way. If she is rude or laughs at you, you then know it is someone you do not want to get to know anyway.

The goal when you are on the dance floor is to start to get a little physical with a woman, which can then lead to you talking to her and getting to know her, maybe leading to another encounter. Once you have become confident on the dance floor it can be easier to pick up woman in the non-verbal way. It is a talent that can be worked on and perfected, and you will become a more confident man, which will only make you look more attractive to women.

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