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Posting A Profile On Online Dating Sites

So you have decided to enter the world of online dating. There are so many different dating sites; it may take you some time to figure out where to start. The most important way to begin is to find a reputable site that matches your beliefs and has a good database of others that could be looking for you. There are thousands of online dating sites out there to choose from, so go with a site that represents who you are, and not who you want to be. That means, be honest, both with yourself and with the others you are looking to meet.

After signing up you will be told you need to add your profile. Don’t be alarmed; it is not as daunting as it may look. A few sites have a place where you can check a box of what you are interested in, or what type of qualities you have. These are great, but make sure you add on to this in the narrative portion. You can’t get someone to be interested in you if you don’t go into detail about yourself. Three paragraphs should be enough to write the basics of your life, touching on different subjects such as looks, career, likes, dislikes, religion, children, and anything else you find to be important when looking for an online love. This is where honesty becomes truly important. Be who you are, and that in turn will help you find the person who you are looking for.

When writing a profile about yourself, don’t embellish. If you are serious about this, then you will eventually meet up with the person. Please don’t think that if they talk to you long enough they will get over the fact that you are not the 6′2 fit man you say you are when you show up 40 pounds overweight and only 5′8. For women, you shouldn’t lie about your weight or your children. Men don’t like to be surprised when you walk into the restaurant with two children in tow. You should always post a picture of yourself, a recent picture. Most people will look dissimilar in different situations, so try to post 3 of them in different styles so that they get a genuine idea of what you look like.

Eventually you could talk to the person on the phone. If you find them saying something that contradicts what they wrote in their profile, question them on it. If that person hems and haws, then it is best to end the relationship before it begins. If someone lies on their profile then they may not be whom you expect when they show up for your first date. It is a whole lot easier to get out of a phone conversation then to find a way to end a date quickly if they walk in and you see someone that is a complete opposite of how they described themselves. This is a way to find true love, and true love is never based on lies.

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