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Preparing for the BBW Dating Scene

So you've finally decided to come out of hiding and join the BBW dating scene. Well, you can't just plunge into the full swing of things. You need to prepare yourself for dating.

When I say you need to prepare, I don't mean that you need to slim down. Lots of men prefer big beautiful women over thin reedy ones, as you very well know. What I mean is setting the stage for a proper come-out.

If you want the bees flocking, you've got to be as sweet as honey. This doesn't mean that you should be so sweet it's sickening. This only means that you have to be approachable. And you can only accomplish that by smiling…a lot. When you smile, your features light up. Smiling makes you look happy (duh!) and people are drawn to happy people. So put those sparkly whites to good use and smile.

The next thing that you should do is tell your friends you're available. Don't be bashful. If you want dates, you have to actively seek them. Smiling will increase the number of people wanting to get close to you, but being explicitly available for dates will increase your prospects even more.

Finally, build your networks by going out more. Join local political organizations. Be more active in church. Attend parties. All these things will let you meet single guys, or at least their moms and sisters.

After all these preparations, you will be approachable, available, connected, and totally ready to conquer the BBW dating scene.

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