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Warning Signs He Might Leave You

When a relationship comes to an end many of us wonder what went wrong in the relationship. There may have been some warnings signs that we have not picked up on where he may have been losing interest. Many times with the hectic lives we lead that we can miss these signs.

Here are some warning signs that he is losing interest in the relationship and he might leave you.

* He does not call as often. If he has not called you for a few days it may not be a sign that the relationship is over but it may be a warning sign that there is a problem.

* He is short tempered and is picking fights. Is he more short tempered than he usually is? One warning sign that there is a problem in the relationship is that he causes fights over little things. This can be a bad sign that the relationship is in trouble. Do not wait and hope things will get better, communicate with him and find out why he is acting the way he is.

* He is not talking in the “we” any longer. If he refers to things in the “I” and not “we” context it could be a warning sign that there is a problem in the relationship. This is even more the case if you used to talk about making plans for the future and do not do so anymore.

* He would rather be with his friends than you. If you have to compete for his attention with his friends there may be a problem. You should be the most important thing in his life and he should want to be with you over his friends. Sure he needs to hang out with them, but if he picks them over you, it’s a big problem.

* You are not communicating as much. If you used to talk but do not do so any more it is a problem, since communication is the foundation of a relationship. If he is very short with you when you ask him questions, not wanting to talk to you, he may have lost interest in the relationship.

* He is more critical of you as usual. If he is very critical of you and did not used to be there is a problem. It may not be with the relationship but you should talk with him and find out what the problem is.

* Others ask what is wrong. If other people can notice the tension between you and him there is a major problem, especially if you have not seen it yourself.

These are just a few warning signs and just because you see one or few of them it does not mean the relationship is over. The best thing to do is to talk with him and smooth out anything that is going wrong in the relationship. If the relationship is over it is better to get on with it rather than let it drag on.

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