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Speed Dating Tips

Speed dating fulfills the need for companionship but accommodates the time constraints that most singles have. The sole purpose of speed dating is to give singles a chance to meet other singles and decide then and there if a date afterwards can be arranged.

Speed dating serves an important function for busy people. In an hour, you will be able to meet around a dozen willing and available dating prospects. But the limited time that you have with the other people can work against you if you don't make a strong favorable impression.

To ensure that you will get invited for dates later on, you need to make a very good first impression. Look your best because that's the first thing the other guests will see and that's what they will remember. You won't be able to impress them with your conversation because you simply won't have the time.

To help you decide on whom to choose to contact for follow-up, prepare your questions beforehand. Your questions must be designed to weed out undesirables. If smoking is a dating no-no, then be sure to ask your date if he/she smokes. Ask your questions in a friendly manner though and leave room for your date to speak and ask you questions in turn.

After the speed dating session, do not just sit and wait for others to contact you. Take the initiative. Do not be afraid of rejection because if you have their number, that means they also found you interesting.

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