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The Advantages of an Attention Grabbing Profile Header

Many online dating services have the requirement of making a short header message that will be shown under your username when searches are performed. Many people put very generic and basic headers but you should make headers that attract people to look at your profile. The whole point of a dating service online is to meet a match. If you have an attractive profile header that people are interested in the more likely it is that they will look at your profile and get in touch with you.

It is important that you use this space given to you to create a header that will grab someone's, hopefully that special someone, attention. You can put something humorous, clever, and even deep, but you want to make it grabbing so people will read your profile.

There are a few things that go into creating a profile that others will want to check out. These things are your photo, your username, and your profile header.

Here are few steps you can take in order to create a good profile header.

• Don't use profile headers that are boring and overused. Many people make this mistake because they do not know what to put and write something like, “looking to meet the right person.” On an online dating service who isn't looking to meet the right one? Do not appear too common there are many people using these online dating services so your header should grab people's attention.

• Look at other people's headers. Which ones are attractive to you that make you want to read their profile? Take some tips from those profiles and make your own special one. Whatever it is that interests you about other people's profiles can be used in your profile. Obviously it does not have to be word for word but the things that attracted you to their profile, whether it is wording or a funny statement, it really doesn't matter, it can be incorporated into your profile.

• Your profile header can also be a filter. If you want to narrow down the dating pool to find a better match for you use your header as filter. For example you can put something like, “looking for a 35-40 year old male in the Chicago area.” This narrows down the search, as you will not get an 80 year old from Orlando trying to get in touch with you. People that meet the criteria you have in your header will check out your profile and it will be more likely that they may be a good match.

• Do not leave your header the same for a long time. Change your profile occasionally by changing pictures and your header. You can reach new people by doing this putting in various things about you and what you are looking for.

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