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The Beauty of Being Big

Natural beauty is found in a BBW or a Big Beautiful Woman. It is sad that when one thinks of beautiful women, they automatically think of the Hollywood stars with those reed-thin bodies.

However, not all women are thin. The average woman is a lot curvier than the Hollywood women. Because models and Hollywood stars are rail thin, women are feeling the pressure to be more like them. They have forgotten the fact that most men love curves. Take Marilyn Monroe for example. Her body type is not the same as today's Hollywood stars, but most men still think her to be the sexiest of women.

There are online dating sites that cater to BBW looking for love and men looking for BBW. These sites thrive because men are weary of rail-thin women who look like brooms, eat like birds and are obsessed with staying thin. They want their women to have curves.

Being beautiful does not mean conforming to the Hollywood body type. Beauty springs from having confidence in who you are. BBW are women who are not obsessed about their body. They feel comfortable with their looks and are proud of who they are. The confidence that BBW possess is just one thing that attract men to them.

Women who want to be like the Hollywood stars should look at themselves and consider themselves lucky. Men do not want thin women. They love all of your curves. Online dating services are a great way to meet such men.

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