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The Complexities of Interracial Dating

Interracial dating and interracial relationships have always been fraught with controversy. Interracial dating has historically been regarded in a negative light. The underlying reason for this general attitude of disapproval springs from ethnocentric sentiments. In particular, some people believe that mixing the races dilute racial purity and superiority.

Some countries even went so far as legislating against interracial relationships. Some schools threatened students with expulsion for interracial dating. Surveys consistently returned the same sentiments.

The protest against interracial dating goes even deeper than mere reluctance to weaken racial superiority. In a survey of Americans done in 2003, it was revealed that more people are opposed to White-Black than Hispanic-White or Asian-White unions. This goes to show that protest against interracial dating may have an added element of racial discrimination.

Of course, some people are against interracial dating because of the perceived-to-be-insurmountable cultural differences. It is believed that if the parties in a relationship don't come from the same backgrounds, there's a very high chance of that relationship failing.

Nowadays interracial dating is still controversial, but it's at least gaining more popularity. Surveys indicate that there is a higher percentage of people who find it acceptable than the percentage of people who don't. This shift can be attributed to the internet which broke through geographical boundaries and exposed people to others who are from different racial and cultural backgrounds. This shift in attitude is reflected by the increasing number of interracial marriages.

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