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The Jewish Dating Service Tradition

Jewish people are apparently not the type to balk at seeking dating help. In fact, it is believed that the Jews started the first dating service. If the Jewish singles appeared to be having a hard time in finding mates, a wise woman would simply match them up into pairs.

You must admit, finding your perfect match is really quite difficult. You have to consider a lot of factors. Are you perfectly suited in tastes, interests and temperament? Do you have the same goals and values? The questions, the doubts, they never end.

But the most difficult thing about finding your perfect match is actually getting to meet him or her. You believe that your ideal match exists. He or she is there across the planet, across the country or across the state. A lot of good that does you, if you ask me.

The Jews do not passively wait for their mates. They seek them. The modern Jewish dating service is just a more high-tech version of the traditional ones. Instead of a wise woman randomly matching couples, a matchmaker will present the client with files of other Jewish singles that he or she may find interesting. This could go on endlessly until success is met if the dating service is paid a retainer. Or it can work like pay per view television where clients only pay for every peek at other people's profiles.

We could all benefit by emulating Jewish pragmatism in all matters, even in finding dates.

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