Relationship and Dating Advice for Finding Love Online

The Next Step after Internet Dating

So your internet dating service has yielded results. You now have a regular internet date and you regularly keep in touch with each other through chatting and email. Once you are reasonably certain that you and this other person would suit as dating partners, what comes next?

The next step to internet dating is meeting your chatmate in person. The internet dating service gives you a venue to get to know other people, but it cannot realistically give you a long-term relationship. Meeting each other in person is a must if you want more than an internet friend.

When you agree to meet your online partner though, keep your mind open to possibilities. Meet the other person with friendship in mind. Of course, both of you are hoping for more than that but it's not wise to rush into anything.

Keep your first meeting casual and dress appropriately. Agree to meet at a certain place. Plan your activities beforehand so that you can agree on what will be fun or not. You don't want your first date to flop because of inadequate planning.

During your first date, be yourself and relax. Talk about light things and don't get too personal so that you'll both be assured of a wonderful time.

After the date, do not neglect to contact him or her through your internet dating service. Continue as you had before in your internet dating relationship and arrange another date when both of you are ready to do so again.

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