Relationship and Dating Advice for Finding Love Online

Searching for a Date

And think not you can
Direct the course of love,
For love,
If it finds you worthy,
Directs your course.

- Khalil Gibran

All of the above-mentioned places are excellent starting points for a man looking for a woman. If you want to skip straight to the dating, however, the best place to start is a dating service.

Although there are plenty of services to choose from and you might be tempted to sign up for them all, it's best to research a few thoroughly. Not every dating service caters to international crowds: many are specialized, and feature ads for people within a specific area only. If you want to meet the girl of your dreams eventually (in the flesh, not just over MSN Messenger) you should stick with dating services within your country. A few Google searches should help locate services with personal ads for people in your general vicinity. If you're looking a strictly and perpetually long-distance relationship only, however, go ahead and try any dating service. Just be sure to do a bit of research beforehand regardless to determine whether or not the service is effective; otherwise you might be wasting your time.

Once you've picked a few services, you'll need to set up a portfolio. A must-have for these portfolios is a picture, and that picture should - no, MUST - be a truthful representation of who you are. Avoid using trick camera angles or, heaven forbid, someone else's photo. Also avoid pulling some random graphic off the web and putting it in your portfolio. Your details are far more likely to be reviewed if there's a face attached to it.

Now you've got a girl reading your portfolio. You've (presumably) made a good first impression: she's seen your picture and is at least mildly interested. How do you get her to take the next step and contact you? The details contained within your portfolio are essential. Again, be truthful - and don't forget to fill in as many fields as you can - but be sure to inject personality into what you have to say. Stating things plainly will bore girls and send them packing. Many people who write profiles do so as though they were signing up for a business account, but this isn't the case. Be creative, be wild, and show interested girls that you're an intriguing fellow who can entertain them if they contact you. A little spice can go a long way.

And one more thing: be specific. Let the readers know exactly what you're looking for in a girl. Whether they should be younger or older or the same age, what kind of personality they should have, what sort of hobbies they should have, that sort of thing. You'll save time both for yourself and for others if you narrow down who you're looking for and get the prime fish right from the start rather than sniffing down leads that go nowhere in the end.

There is no sense just sitting around twiddling your thumbs while you wait for girls to contact you, though. You need to be proactive. Have a look at the profiles of prospective females in the site's directories. And though directories can be daunting given the number of profiles to look at, most dating services have filters that allow you to enter in exactly what you're looking for in a mate.

So you have got a list of candidates. The next step is to weed through them all.

Try to skip as few as possible regardless of whether they seem promising or not:

A few gems may just not have been thorough in filling out their personal details. It's probably best to prefer those with pictures, as you know what you're getting ahead of time and won't be hit with any nasty surprises in the future (such as the person not being a woman at all, but rather some kind of scam artist looking to take advantage of you). Keep a close eye on their likes and dislikes, always with your own lists of the same in your head. Be sure, too, to try and find out how long it's been since they last checked the site in question: if they haven't been online for a few months, for example, you'd probably be wasting time in contacting them.

Once you've narrowed down somebody you'd like to talk to, get their contact information and send them an email, or text message, or whatever avenue of discussion they might prefer, and initiate contact. If they rebut your advances, thank them kindly for their time and move on. If they seem interested, however, jump on the opportunity.

Congratulations, you've completed the first step to snagging yourself a girlfriend. But don't rest yet: there's a lot to do yet.

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