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Online Dating Safety Tips for Women - The First Date

There are some things that woman should not do when talking to a man online, whether it be through exchanging e-mails or in a chatroom. If you do these things it may end the conversation and you may miss out on meeting a great guy. You want to keep the communication ongoing to get to know the person to find out if he may be "the one" or someone you would really like to meet.

Here are some things woman should not do when talking to a man online.

Do not go into your whole life story when you are chatting online. The guy may become disinterested and cease the conversation. You should keep your details short unless he specifically asks for you to go into detail. Give him your life details slowly and do not dominate the conversation talking about your self the entire time. The whole point is for both parties to find out about each other. For example, if he asks where you are from do not go into a diatribe of where you lived until now. Keep it short and sweet unless he asks for details. For each question that the guy asks you, you should ask one of him. It is a stereotype, and a true one, that men are not the best listeners. This goes for conversing online as well. Keep the communication both ways and do not dominate the conversation only talking about you.

You should never lie when you are talking online. If you hit it off with a guy and eventually meet you will be caught in the lie. Many women, and many men as well, will lie about things such as their age, job, appearance, and other things in their online dating profiles. This is a big mistake. Honest is always the best policy and this goes for online dating as well. If you lie and begin a relationship with a guy, besides them catching you in a lie, you are beginning the relationship with a lack of trust on your part. So be honest, there are guys out there that will like you for who you are and less men that will like you for what you are not.

When conversing online do not sound too eager. This can make you seem desperate and this can end the conversation and make it less likely that the guy will want to meet you. This does not mean that you should play hard to get or really push for a meeting but do not overload their instant messenger or send them a lot of e-mails.

Play it safe. When you are talking to a guy online be safe and do not divulge personal information. Some things you should not divulge are your address, where you work, or where you go to school. Wait until your meet and are comfortable with the guy before you tell him any personal information. Even when you do meet for the first time you should not tell him any personal information. By not telling a guy any of your personal information you can ensure your safety, because even if the guy seems great you never know who is out there.

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