Relationship and Dating Advice for Finding Love Online

Troubleshooting Dating Problems

Use the following troubleshooting tips to help you if you've been dating and are experiencing problems. If your relationships are not lasting very long or you are having trouble getting less repeat dates, review these points. It's time to be honest with yourself. There must be some behavior you are doing that is turning women off. Be sure you aren't doing any of these things:

- Don't be cheap. You don't have to give her expensive things, but chivalry is still admired.

- Don't over exaggerate yourself, or brag. If you are constantly telling stories that start with “I”, tone it down. She might not mind it in the beginning, but after a date or two, it gets irritating.

- Don't be too pushy. If you bulldoze your way through every hurdle in your way, she might be scared of you and get out of the situation.

- Don't be insecure or clingy. Women will run for the door if you are clingy, overbearing and insecure. In the early stages of dating, women don't want to have to take care of you.

- Don't have a bad temper. A woman doesn't want to be with a man that can't constructively handle his anger. Women see this as a warning sign and they will get out.

- Don't be indecisive or indifferent. You have to be able to make a decision. It's not fun to always have to make the decisions. A man that can be a leader, make a decision and stick with it is attractive. Not being able to pick an ice cream flavor or where to go for dinner is annoying.

- Don't demonstrate defensive behavior.

- Don't try too much. If you look eager, you will look desperate.

- Don't focus on sex. If that is your main agenda in dating, a woman will realize it fairly quickly and remove herself from the situation.