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Tips on How to Break Up With Your Partner

It is never easy to break up with someone and end a relationship. It can cause someone to be hurt and the person facilitating the break up usually will feel bad as well. There are some things you can do to make the break up easier.

Here are some tips you can take on how to break up in a nice way that can lessen the pain for both parties.

* Don’t let the relationship drag on. When you know the relationship is over do not let it drag on but get it over with. It is not fair to the person you are dating to drag it out. When you know its over, end and so both of you can move on.

* Be honest with your partner. The best way to break up with someone is to be honest. Even though it may seem more painful to be honest it is the only way to go, and your partner will respect you more than if you lie.

* Make the break before starting to date again. Never start to date someone else before you end it with your current partner. This is tacky and, if your partner finds out, a friendship with them is out of the question.

* Listen to them. When you break up with someone, especially when it comes out of nowhere, you should listen to the person you are breaking up with and answer any questions they may have. Let them talk and it will also let you explain to them why you are breaking up with them.

* Never break up in a public place. It is so cliché to break up in a public place because the person will not cause a scene. This is just being a coward on your part, not wanting to deal with the ugly aspects of breaking up. It can also be humiliating for the person you are breaking up with.

* Try not to be ridden with guilt. Many times when we end a relationship we feel ridden with guilt because of the pain we are causing that can make us stay in the relationship. If your mind is made go through with it and stick to what you have decided, because if you do not things may get a lot worse.

* Don’t start an argument. When you break up with someone don’t pick a fight to make you feel less guilty. Come right out and be honest when you break up and don’t make the other person suffer by trying to pick a fight.

* Follow the golden rule. When you break up you should treat others, as you would want to be treated. How would you want someone to break up with you? Think about it and then treat them as you would want to be treated if they were to break up with you.

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