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Advice On How Not To Flirt With Guys

If you want to attract a great guy, you have to take an approach that is proactive. Things will not just happen as you have to do something and make it happen in order to find the right guy. Men are attracted to women that are confident. They like when a girl comes to them and starts the conversation. In terms of dating as an adult you have to do the work yourself, as it is not like in high school when you can simply pass notes around to who you like and don’t like. When flirting with a guy there are some things you should never do.

Here are some things that you should never do when flirting with a guy

* Don’t tease him. Flirting is ok but teasing a guy is dangerous and it is definitely not nice. Have fun with the guy and show him you are interested in him, if you are. Never lead a guy on, as you should not be advertising yourself if you are not interested or not available. Men are people too and they do not like to be led on just so you can have a little fun.

* Don’t be smothering. One mistake that women often make is that they smother men. You do not always have to be around the guy to be in contact with them. If you want to impress a guy try to play it cool and be your own person. Make him wondering what you are up to and who you are, which will make it more likely that he will come up to you.

* Do not fear being rejected. Everyone gets rejected at some time. It happens to us all. You can’t let that fear of being rejected from moving in on a guy you are interested in. If you let the fear of rejection keep you from going after a guy you like then you may miss out and have to settle for whoever comes along.

* Don’t fidget. Men can pick up quickly if a girl that is flirting with them is nervous or not. If you fidget a lot the guy will pick up on it. A woman that lacks confidence will not be attractive to a lot of men. You hands and legs should be still when approaching a guy. If you are having a hard time doing this than you should not even approach him in the first place.

* Drunk women are not hot. When you are drunk you don’t make good decisions, as your mind is unclear. It may be the case where you give out your number to a guy you never would have given if you were thinking clearly. You can also think an unattractive guy is hot if you are drunk. It also does not look attractive when you are really drunk. Men like women who like to have fun but also like women who know how to act. Most men pass the drunken girl phase after college. Mature men will not be attractive to a blabbering drunk woman who stumbles around and walks into walls.

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