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What To Talk About On Your First Date

There are two types of communication that we will be talking about here: verbal and unspoken body language. Both are powerful means of communicating true internal feelings. By learning about body language you will learn what she is really thinking and feeling, and you will be able to see what message you are portraying through your body language.

In any spoken conversation, body language “speaks” first. If you feel confident and relaxed, you lean in, smile, and conduct yourself in a more animated manner. If you are anxious, you will be sitting back with you arms crossed against your chest, your legs crossed with no smile, your eyes looking around the room and not at your date.

When it comes to verbal communication, create interesting conversations to be successful with getting repeat dates. How do you create the framework for a conversation that you will both find enjoyable? Conversation is simply made up of a series of answering and asking questions. The questions you ask will determine if your date is having fun or is looking for a way out of the date. Here are some samples of questions that will most likely give you good conversation:

1. What do you do for fun?
2. What do you enjoy about these fun activities?
3. Where is your dream vacation, and what would you do there?

The point of these questions is for your date to remember a fun time in the past and share those experiences with you.