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Who Should You Date?

Why is it that many men look to date the most attractive, but not-so-bright woman at the party? Women don't typically look for the dumb stud to date. Mature women are usually looking for someone who has a big heart over his looks.

It's important to not judge a book by its cover when looking for a woman. If you rule out everyone that is not gorgeous, you are eliminating many potential dates that could be the woman of your dreams. In the long run, you will be much happier that you found someone with a great sense of humor, who is interesting and smart. If she has the same interests as you, she will make a better companion for you than someone who just looks pretty.

In the most tactful way possible, it is helpful for you to find out how a woman's last relationship ended. If she either blames her ex for everything or blames herself for everything, it's not great sign. Look for someone that mutually parted and had a friendly break-up. Handling a difficult situation this way, and having the ability to explain it this way, is a sign of a mature, well-adjusted woman. Just be sure that you are not the rebound relationship.

Pick a woman who has similar big picture goals and views of life. Don't make a decision based on the outside appearance only, and look for qualities that are important to you in everyone you associate with â€" both men and women.

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