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Top Reasons Why Women Play Hard to Get

Many women think that when they pay hard to get it is only a game they have to play so there are sparks in the relationship. However there are other reasons men should know so that they can play along and eventually win.

Here are some reasons why women play hard to get.

* She wants the man to want her more. The woman want the men to know about their emotional side and then try to win over a man’s affection instead of giving in to easily. Woman also do not want to be taken for granted if they give guys the green light too early in a relationship. Because of this men need to be patient when they are interested in a woman.

* She also could be looking for someone better. There are so many guys out there that she may not want to say, “yes” to you and only you. If they act this way you also need to know there are lots of women out there. She may need more security to know you are a good guy for her. Give her some time, and if she keeps looking for someone else move on.

* Many times women do not want to make the first move. If you exchange long glances with a good-looking woman but she does not come up to you she may want you to come up to her. Are you going to let her get away just because she doesn’t come onto your right away? If you are interested in her go get her and do not let anything stop you. You never know it could be your soul mate. She could want you to make the first move, as they may be under the impression that if she comes over to you right off the bat she may lose your respect, even though it probably is not the case.

As you can see woman can be playing hard to get for different reasons. Just because they are does not mean they are not interested in you but need assurances from you. If she is playing hard to get because she is, in fact, not interested in you, take the hint and move on because there are other women out there and you do not want to seem like a stalker.

There are so many games that women, as well as men, play in the game of love. You should know that playing hard to get could be one of those games. But it is simple, if you like her, play the game and go along with it continuing to let her know that you are interested in her. The reason for this is, if she likes you, after playing hard to get, you may actually get her. Getting something, in this case someone that is hard to get will only make it more satisfying once you do get it.

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